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About the municipality of Ås

Ås municipality is located approximately 35 km south of Oslo in the Follo region, a part of Akershus County. Ås municipal town hall and nearby cultural center is located centrally, a short distance from the train station, which is part of Østfoldbanen railway line. Highway E-18 and E-6 run through the municipality. Neighbouring municipalities are Oppegård, Ski, Hobøl, Vestby and Frogn. As of 31 December 2015 the population of Ås municipality was estimated to 18 992. The municipality of Ås covers 101.3 square kilometres. The area is characterized by open cultural landscape that is dominated by agriculture.

Statistics on private households as of 1January 2014 may be found on the Statistics Norway website (Norwegian):


Based on these statistics, with a population of 17 400, the number of households are 7 550. Corrected for population, that has increased to 18 992 as of 31 December 2015, and with the same size of households (2.3), the number of households should be 8 258.

According to Statistics Norway in the fourth quarter of 2008, there were 1 384 registered companies.

Number of employees per company:

None:          830

1-4:              280

5-9:              115

10-19:            93

20-49:            45

50-99:            10

100-249:          8

250- +              3

The list contains all registered companies including agriculture, industry, research and public services.

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norwegian: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet, NMBU) was established 1 January 2014 after a merger between the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (Norwegian: Norges Veterinærhøgskole , NVH) and the University of Life Sciences (Norwegian: Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap, UMB). NMBU consists of three faculties, of which two are located at Campus Ås and one is partially located at Campus Adamstuen in Oslo (until 2019). A new building for veterinary sciences will open in Ås in 2019.

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Most of the commerce and industry is located in the Vinterbro/Nordby area in the north of Ås municipality. Tusenfryd, Norway’s largest amusement park is also located in this area.

There are seven primary schools and two secondary schools in Ås municipality, as well as the largest high school in Akershus County.

There are three parishes in Ås municipality: Kroer, Ås and Nordby. In addition the municipality has very active clubs and associations.

Aerial photos of Ås municipality (Ås newspaper’s photo collection, by: Audun Braastad).

Information about the coat of arms of the municipality of Ås. (DOC) (PDF)

Coat of arms, approved format 1982 (PDF).
Mayors seal (PDF)

Regulations on the use of Ås coat of arms.

Regulations on the use of Ås coat of arms (DOC) (PDF)

Chief municipal executive: Trine Christensen
Mayor in Ås municipality (since 2015): Ola Nordal (AP)

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